The story

Time is a non-infinite resource:

even for those who accumulate big capital, fame and power without ever stopping, sooner or later they will see their time stand still.

With this awareness between brothers, one day, without even talking to each other, we understood that the time had come. Our time.

It was time to act and make a change, to take advantage of our good fortune of having a stable job and a passion.

It has been a journey, a fantastic journey that mixes our schooling with an important experience abroad that has thus accelerated the path; ZBROS is founded in London in 2016 by the two brothers.

We did not start from scratch, as now seems fashionable to say, but we started with an enormous passion for clocks, their mechanisms, their chimes and their identity power.

Their identity power would soon become ours too.

Thanks to the fashion world, we have always had a stable job that has allowed us to learn, to think calmly and to proceed with the right timing.

We started 2016 with a little investment;

we have been riding the unstoppable rise of e-commerce and now we are ready to open the first flagship store in the center of our city, Milan.

We hope our watches represent us and represent you.

We hope that the quality and non-excessive prices will fully satisfy you and that every time you look at the hands you will think of time and its importance, as we hope that each and every one of our pieces can represent you and your world of reference because a watch is not just an object.

A watch tells us about passion, outlines a path, tells a story.


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