ZBROS shooting September 2018

Luca Laversa signs the ZBROS Watches shooting, expected main characters through the streets of Milan, creating a fizzy and creative collaboration.

The Zagano’s brothers prove once again a great sense of belonging to their native city, always a precious source of inspiration to them.

The collection is inspired to four different themes, crossing four typical places of the city with a ZBROS always on the wrist.


Lifestyle Laguna

Shooting ZBros watches
  • ZBros Laguna in a casual outfit, wore in an everyday morning between the typical ‘bar’ of the historical centre. Milan’s life is always fast and hectic but everybody pretend to stop time and have a break, planning hours in the day of a simple citizen; a valid project always starts from a vision in an everyday situation, what a better place if not the city of the architectonical perfect lines? Lifestyle’s theme matches the 44mm dial to a super casual look, casual but sharp.


Biker Panther

Shooting ZBros watches
Biker riding with an automatic Panther
  • The automatic watch Panther on a modern biker’s wrist, strongly Milan’s style. Milan, a city really complicated to live and cross, above all during rush hour. The biker wears a classic biker outfit, riding an Harley Davidson motorbike, completely modified and restyled, like this city, completely changed after EXPO’s changes.

Driver, Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II

Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, Milano
  • Driver in a stunning frame inside the glamorous “Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II”, eternal symbol of Milan, where sunlight fell directly from the sky filtered by the dome’s glass on the sapphire crystal of the best product of the italian Company: 47 mm dial between in a world full of curves telling the time on the dial of the most typical between the ZBROS collection.

Metropolitans on the green

Shooting ZBros Watches
Navy Metropolitan on a golfer wrist
  • Metropolitan‘s collection showing the stainless steel matches the putter nearby Varese, in a stunning location at the most classic golf club. This charming frame hugs and wraps the golfer as the links of “President” bracelet wrap his wrist, between the polished stainless steel and the perfect shaved green.