ZBROS has been launched in 2016. This project realized by two brothers from Milan who started to sell successfully through the e-commerce channel a fashion-trendy product became reality soon. The brand becomes soon a player in Milan, selling quartz, mechanical and automatic watches, above all for men.

In 2017 the Made in Italy brand started a collaboration with “Wegolfers“, leader within the world of italian amateur golfers. Wegolfers drives the winners to the World Amateur World Cup in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. ZBROS launched for the occasion Albatross, an automatic watch inspirited to the world of golf.

Andrea e Davide Zagano, ZBROS co-founders

The founders-ZBROS identity through their story 

Andrea e Davide Zagano were born respectively in 1990 and ’94, in Milan.

They grew up in the ‘2000s, years of great changes all over the World, the beginning of the digital revolution, also in their cities where Milan’s catwalks were more than ever protagonists. The ‘Made in Italy’ was a certainty since decades before, above all about fashion, fabrics and much more around it. Zagano’s brothers, as many people in Milan, worked in Fashion, as boutique sales consultant, working for the most famous luxury Brands from young age.

On terminating university studies both of them left Milan to go to London, as many people in the last 10 years, willing to measure themselves against more ambitious challenges. They established themselves successfully, working for other Italian luxury Brands, growing not only professionally, however without climbing the ladder as much as they thought within its. The ‘2010s run quickly, London is saturated and the branches of the Brands too; technology and internet represented the future and London in that moment(2015) looked like to be the right place in the right moment to learn and improve.

2016, the establishment of ZBROS

The recall of home remained strong and the brothers came back to Italy, willing to create a Brand with their name: ZBROS, Zagano brothers. The Company will start to sell and deploy Made in Italy watches to the final customer, through this e-commerce store shipping within 48 hours worldwide, cutting middlemen costs.

Starting from zero production started in the North of Italy releasing the first prototypes at the end of 2016. What was born as a funny startup became after only three years a Company, open and available 365 days a year; it shipped to more than 50 Countries in the world, focused more than ever to have the client at the centre of its project.