ZBROS, The history


Time is not a non infinity resource.

Even who accumulate huge capital, fame and power will see, sooner or later, their time stop. 

Two brothers with this awareness one day have suddenly understood that the time had come; our time.

It came the time to take actions and change, to take advantage of the luckiness to have a stable job and a great passion.

It has been a path, an amazing journey which links our scholastic education with an important experience abroad that has accelerated the path;

ZBROS has been founded in 2016 by two brothers in London.

We didn’t start from the bottom as it sounds cool to say, but we started from the passion for the watches, for their mechanisms, for their dong and for their identity power.

The identity power of the watches would have soon become our one too.

Thanks to the fashion’s world we’ve always had different jobs which allowed us to accumulate experience, to learn, to think calmly and proceed with the right timing.

ZBROS has been founded in 2016 with a ridiculous amount of money invested, surfing the unstoppable e-commerce’s rise of the first years and now here we are, ready to open the first ZBROS store in the centre of our hometown, Milano.

We hope our watches can represent us and can represent you too. We hope the Made in Italy quality and the non excessive prices could fully satisfy you and that every time you will see the watch’s hands you will think about the time and about its importance, as we hope that every single piece could represent you and your reference world because a watch is not just a simple object.

A watch tells us about a passion, outline a path, tells us a story.